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Canton OH hookah bar closed.

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Over  the weekend police in Cleveland closed down  Helios Shisha Lounge.

According to police quoted in Cleveland news sites, the Hookah bar owners were allowing kids into the Hookah bar.

“About six months ago, we started getting complaints from parents that their kids were coming to Canton to this hookah lounge to smoke this tobacco,” Police Lt. James Cole told Malcolm Hall of Canton “We did surveillance on it a couple times.” And on saturday police raided the Smoking lounge.

According to Canton the police found  150 people in a Hookah bar that is allowed a maximum capacity of 47 and sales to children under 18. It is not clear if the sales are assumed because the kids under 18 were in the bar.

“What we found were between 150 to 160 people, (inside the smoking lounge)Police Lt. James Cole said told reporter Malcolm Hall.

“Probably 40 percent of the patrons in there were juveniles, ” Cole is quoted  as saying. “We closed it down. The youngest, I believe, was 15. I didn’t cite the kids. I took all their names and they will be used as witnesses,” Cole told the Canton

According to the Myspace page the owners may have thought they were complying with Law,  because they warn that you must be 18 and over to purchase Tobacco products. But the law seems to be like a liquor bar where you must be 21 and over to enter. It remains to be seen if this becomes a defense that Helios Shisha Lounge takes up.

Ed Hardy Hookah Top Friends: Hidden Hookah cafe.

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      Hidden Hookah Cafe is a hookah Bar that sets Shisha and hookah standards in Southern California.   

UFC with the Hidden Hookah fam.

     This hookah bar is like the older brother of all the So Cal Hookah bars.  Hidden Hookah Cafe is a Hookah bar respected among the Hookah Lore of Southern California.  

Hidden Hookah art

  Where Hidden cafe succeeds and many Hookah bars begin to loose touch with their customers, is how hidden keeps a balance between fun and respect for hookah culture and a healthy respect for the Hidden customers.  

   Hidden Hookah Cafe  is a place you can trust no matter what kind of hookah smoker you are. Hidden always respects the customer and  Hidden Hookah Cafe always respects the different personalities that smoke Hookah at their hookah bar. And the customers pick up on this respect; this class; and on the customers freedom to be themselves. Creating what I would call the most modern-traditional hookah bar in Southern California.  

    When a royal family asked me where they should go for hookah, the only hookah bar I would fully endorse was Hidden Hookah cafe in Anaheim.  

Hookah cool.

   The royal family was not really treated different from other customers when we went there. They were treated as normal customers. And the service was still good enough that this royal family goes there every vacation.  

Hookah bars often will find short-term success with a night club vibe that erases the traditional respect for the friendships that are the back bone to Hookah culture. Other Hookah bars will treat everyone as if the customer should be happy that the hookah bar lets them in.  Hidden Hookah Cafe treats you as a friend, and as a customer they never take for granted.

Hookah lounge talk (cause really who talks around a water cooler anymore?)

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When at a Hookah lounge there is nothing worst then running out of things to say. Its embarrassing.

Please, avoid the awkward Shisha silence. Keep checking into Ed hardy Hookah for updates throughout the day for the conversation sparks that will make the Hookah sparks better.

Below is the story of an older male substitute teacher who last week took off his shirt for his class. As told by youtube contributer fluffy.