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North Carolinas smoking ban becoming puzzle.

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Its looking like this could get messy.

As we’ve reported at Ed Hardy Smoking, the Smoking ban in North Carolina took effect on January 1st. 2010.  The law mostly said that cigar bars could stay open, but all indoor smoking had to cease.

Picture posted by David Forbes of the Mountain Xpress

Originally The Bill was accompanied by a softer tone and his date MS. Loopholes.

The state is not looking for indoor smoking. They have set up a line that can be called anonymously. If a phone call comes in then a state office sends out the letter. It takes two letters to get a ticket. Some Hookah bars wondered if anyone should even worry about the smoking ban. Other Hookah bars closed.

For North Carolina cigaret smokers this rule may not be as severe.

Remember, California outlawed smoking back around 1997. But because cigarets are a person’s property and compact and mobile people have become accustomed to smoking quickly outside. But hookah bars are still running in CA, most likely, due to exemptions written into the law.

In North Carolina the hookah bars were not able to get this exemption. By not being written into the law, the Hookah bars are widely believed to be in violation of the law because these Hookah bars are serving Shisha inside of an establishment.

What can make this hard to report is that its all speculation. Some hookah bars have devoted themselves to pooling their money together and defending the first Hookah bar that has to go to court. Other Hookah bars have moved their Hookahs outside into the cold North Carolina elements and appear to be fully within the boundaries of the law.

Days before the law went into effect one hookah bar tweeted “F the smoking ban … We are still smoking … I am right now!!” Yet this same Tweeter who owns The Hookah Bar in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, actually said he complies with the smoke ban because he is now serving a tea based Hookah not tobacco.

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Hookah Bliss, has begun begging for a ticket so that they can take the state to court. Hookah Bliss bases its argument on accusations of hypocrisy. The cigar lounges were exempted. According to Hookah Bliss’s owner, Adam Bliss, this is because legislators and rich men smoke at the cigar lounges. And in this Bliss calls foul.

Juggling Gypsy also has all types of state. And now smoking a Hookah is truly an art

In Wilmington, North Carolina, a hookah bar, Juggling Gypsy, changed itself into an entertainment parlor and believes it complies to the Smoking ban because it places everyone smoking on a “stage,” to be filmed by an internet camera making them a performer. If everyone is a performer, say the Juggling Gypsy, then they are exempt though the loophole that says smoking is allowed on a stage and during a performance.

But the state has received 400 +complaints concerning state wide smoking violations. The state met with the Juggling Gypsy last week and says the ball is in their court now.

Oh and “Besides owners, individuals who refuse to snuff their smokes also could be fined $50.”

The Juggling Gypsy smoking show goes on.

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There were over 30 Hookah bars in North Carolina when the Smoking ban went into effect Jan, 1st.   

The Hookah bars tried to find an exception,a loophole, but hope had faded.  The law wasn’t budging. It appeared to be the end of hookah bars in North Carolina. The first domino falling in what looked like a nationwide line of dominos for Hookah bar owners.  

North Carolina Hookah bars closed their Hookah doors after a few weeks of January cold proved that a Hookah bar was not going to get a loophole in the smoking ban.  


A loophole within the North Carolina law was relized upon by the Juggling Gypsy hookah bar owner Danny Best.  

Juggling Gypsy courtesy of maharaj hookah directory


According to the North Carolina law, smoking is permitted “within the capacity of an actors performance upon a live performance set.” And thus now, If you smoke there, you are part of the show. Video consent form and all.  

“In the performance biz, an age-old saying is: The Show must go on (and) it certainly is” says the Juggling Gypsy website.  

“On January 1, 2010,” the Juggling Gypsy website continues (we) “formally launched (our) long-awaited reality-based live theatrical performance called “The Smoking Show”. A live, reality-based show created to further showcase our already-existing amazing roster of performance-based talents in a variety of mediums..Including, but certainly not limited to the Art of Smoking.”  

     But Best also claims on his website that this was not just about the smoking ban. Entertainment was going to be part of the hookah bar long before any concerns about the smoking ban even came up, the Juggling Gypsy argues.    

   And though he plays up the humor and sarcasm of finding a way around the smoking ban for now, Best does have an impressive line up of bands, belly dancers and other entertainment to go with the smoking show. As well as a history of entertainment. Something that may save him if lawmakers feel embarrassed.  

But on the other hand the show is recorded with a quality that is similar to the cheapest walmart webcam.   

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