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North Carolinas smoking ban becoming puzzle.

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Its looking like this could get messy.

As we’ve reported at Ed Hardy Smoking, the Smoking ban in North Carolina took effect on January 1st. 2010.  The law mostly said that cigar bars could stay open, but all indoor smoking had to cease.

Picture posted by David Forbes of the Mountain Xpress

Originally The Bill was accompanied by a softer tone and his date MS. Loopholes.

The state is not looking for indoor smoking. They have set up a line that can be called anonymously. If a phone call comes in then a state office sends out the letter. It takes two letters to get a ticket. Some Hookah bars wondered if anyone should even worry about the smoking ban. Other Hookah bars closed.

For North Carolina cigaret smokers this rule may not be as severe.

Remember, California outlawed smoking back around 1997. But because cigarets are a person’s property and compact and mobile people have become accustomed to smoking quickly outside. But hookah bars are still running in CA, most likely, due to exemptions written into the law.

In North Carolina the hookah bars were not able to get this exemption. By not being written into the law, the Hookah bars are widely believed to be in violation of the law because these Hookah bars are serving Shisha inside of an establishment.

What can make this hard to report is that its all speculation. Some hookah bars have devoted themselves to pooling their money together and defending the first Hookah bar that has to go to court. Other Hookah bars have moved their Hookahs outside into the cold North Carolina elements and appear to be fully within the boundaries of the law.

Days before the law went into effect one hookah bar tweeted “F the smoking ban … We are still smoking … I am right now!!” Yet this same Tweeter who owns The Hookah Bar in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, actually said he complies with the smoke ban because he is now serving a tea based Hookah not tobacco.

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Hookah Bliss, has begun begging for a ticket so that they can take the state to court. Hookah Bliss bases its argument on accusations of hypocrisy. The cigar lounges were exempted. According to Hookah Bliss’s owner, Adam Bliss, this is because legislators and rich men smoke at the cigar lounges. And in this Bliss calls foul.

Juggling Gypsy also has all types of state. And now smoking a Hookah is truly an art

In Wilmington, North Carolina, a hookah bar, Juggling Gypsy, changed itself into an entertainment parlor and believes it complies to the Smoking ban because it places everyone smoking on a “stage,” to be filmed by an internet camera making them a performer. If everyone is a performer, say the Juggling Gypsy, then they are exempt though the loophole that says smoking is allowed on a stage and during a performance.

But the state has received 400 +complaints concerning state wide smoking violations. The state met with the Juggling Gypsy last week and says the ball is in their court now.

Oh and “Besides owners, individuals who refuse to snuff their smokes also could be fined $50.”


Starbuzz Blue-mist. Smooth; sexy: just like Ed Hardy Hookah.

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Ed Hardy Hookahs are good for any of the Hookah brands.

But over the last week I’ve been thinking about what Tobacco flavor is a sexy enough and smooth enough Hookah flavor that fits the Ed Hardy Hookah’s image.

What should I tell you is a flavor that you should order to go with the Ed Hardy Hookah? What Hookah flavor can add that special enhancement to your customers and make everything more special when you first start giving you Hookah friends the Ed Hardy Hookah.

smooth, sexy, shaped to perfection

StarBuzz’s Blue Mist is a flavor that I think fits the vibe of the nightclub and the super chill smoking image of Ed Hardy Hookah. StarBuzz Blue Mist is  just that deep, bite your lip and place your head back and breath out the smoke refreshing taste. StarBuzz Blue Mist is super cool with the right type of sarcastic bite.

So this morning we talked with StarBuzz Tobacco and ordered some Blue Mist StarBuzz Tobacco and as a gesture of goodwill we wanted to tell you about it.

Starbuzz Blue mist, for those who still don’t know was a Hookah flavor that revolutionized Hookah smoke. Hookah flavors had gotten stuck in only fruit names, easy to identify. Blue Mist became an instant classic at the Local Hookah bars in So Cal. And is now a staple of the Hookah smoke.

Blue Mist Hookah Tobacco Is something that I think will add to your friends and Patrons smoking out of your Ed Hardy Hookah.

Ed Hardy Goes shisha.

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When Ed Hardy hookah were first launched there was a negative reaction from already present hookah companies. Hookah-shisha-Blog-forums had a lot of people who either wanted Ed Hardy Hookah to fail for personal reasons, or honestly were decieved by rumors and figured there was no way we could make a good hookah. 

   Rob 416 on a Hookah forum said “wow kinda pathetic. Kinda makes me sick.” 


     Maybe he owns a hookah company and is thretened.  Maybe this is an honest opinion. But it does not seem like an educated one. Maybe for a reason he actually got sick thinking of Ed Hardy Hookah, But with Ed Hardy Hookah having this beauty and style and being such high quality, it surprised us to read this. 

Ed hardy Hookah case, water-pipe and hookah base.

    Ebay girl at another Hookah forum said “Ha! I love it! let’s ruin the classic hookah with designer emblems. What is this world coming too? I still think the Ed Hardy’s are cool looking, I just wonder if they work?” The classic Hookah was of coarse a coconut shell, and then it was only for royalty in other completely different hookahs and their were no hookah barsback in the day.  Hookahs have gone through many evolutions. Funny, but Ed Hardy Hookah design actually returns to the more traditional style of self beauty and great hookah smoking. 

Ed Hardy Hookahs smoke very well.. And it is not ruining, but respecting hookah culture to have a culture present its own hookahs. 


  Slowly the Hookah and Shisha sales started,  And it was official as we got the Hookah reviews in that people were impressed with Ed Hardy’s Hookah art, but more importantly, the style of smoke that comes from the Ed Hardy Hookah. It is a Hookah that is pleasant for the eye, and enhances your hookah smoking experience. And that is the most traditional of Hookah desires.

Ed hardy hookah: Black Mamba

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The Ed hardy hookah Black mamba hookah

Ed Hardy Hookah’s Imagery is razor-sharp. Chiseled to be above the standards of the mediocre. Ed Hardy Hookahs are Detailed and constructed while focused on the most Minute factor. This is a Superior Hookah disguised as art. 35 in.

Ed Hardy’s art surrounds the water-bowl. Quickly the tempo of the Hookah builds up across small shades of art cutting across the Hookah’s body-sparkle

   A third up the Hookah throat on the disco-ball are beautiful snippets of Ed Hardy’s art. This art enters the Ash balcony constructed of glass. The Hookah is topped by a Beautifully shaped and smoothed Tobacco head. The Lightweight and aerodynamic hose is lightly touched with glittery-impressions running down the hose and then with its Ultra durable and flexible frame shapes itself across the Hookah’s body.  


Hookah bars pick your personality and then stick with it.

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relaxing hookah

     Hookah bars find their way, many times not on purpose, into their personality. I would argue that a hookah bars personality is a reflection of their owners personality. Once the Hookah bar has become one thing, it can be death to a business to try to make your Hookah bar something else.

     The Hookah bar owners personality, not plans, is the deciding factor to what a hookah bar will become. Hookah bar owners are like gravity for what is gonna come walking through the Hookah cafe doors.

   Now; location, surrounding buisness’ and so forth will be factors into individual moments or certain customer personalities. But all-in-all the owners will steer their customers a certain way. Certain customers will feel comfortable and others will not.

Vegas Hookah good hookahs more exciting

   One Hookah bar was started by a guy who had decided that everything was gonna be super classy. It was. But you could tell he was most excited when dancing happened. Eventually the hookah bar became a party spot, despite the hookah bar owners public wishes.

  I love a dance club. But when it comes to hookahs, I want a good hookah over dancing.

   To know what kind of hookah smoker you are, think about what you enjoy about Hookah bars the most.

    For me I need to have peace of mind with a touch of great music. But im actually there for the relaxing quality.

     So sometimes even though I may really like a hookah bar crowed and its party, I need it to be in a hookah crowed of depth and respect, not just partying. Others are different from me and go not to taste the Hookah but to enjoy the party.

   There are two important points. The first is that if you have a party personality, it serves you right to continue that success at your Hookah bar.

    Where a Hookah bar owner should put his efforts into is to make sure the party is safe and legal.

Likewise if you have a hookah bar where people are relaxing and you are jealous of the hookah bar down the street with the parties. Remember, that you might alienate your customers and get in a lot more trouble than you think by trying to force your hookah bar into a personality that your customers are not wanting.

politics of Hookah is destructive to all hookah smokers

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     Hookah smokers today find themselves in a precarious position. Ed hardy Hookah wants to transcend the politics and work and sell off of our quality and ethics.

    The politics of Hookah tobacco and water pipe companies, and so-called experts relies solely on political BS between Hookah companies. Recently we were banned from a hookah forum because we wanted to talk about ED Hardy Hookah bar music. Listen I love Ed Hardy. I respect other companies like Starbuzz which is fantastic almost every time, but I like this Ed Hardy stuff.

    I remember I made fun of Ed Hardy Hookah when I first heard of it. But i was wrong about the quality and work ethic of the founders.

    Ed Hardy Hookah represents something that maybe the clothing has lost. Ed Hardy Hookah and Hookah-Tobacco represents something different. A story that makes its money off of the hard work and working mans story of Ed Hardy the person not the cultural icon of an italian designer.

 What that story represents is what makes ED Hardy Hookah special.

But there are a lot of ignorant or malicious lies out in the Hookah forums.

 One said that the Ed Hardy Hookah was made of plastic. In response i said that Ed hardy Hookahs are made of the best craftmanship and that  Ed Hardy hookah carries with it a glass Ash Balcony, that may look like plastic in the picture, but its a glass ash balcony balcony.

 But  my post correcting the mistake was never posted. And then access was denied.

 Hookah should belong to those who care about it. Not people paid to respond on these forums. Hookah should not belong to the owners of hookah bars who criticize hookah shisha without ever tasting it. I do not wish any negative competition between Ed Hardy and any other Hookah or shisha maker.

   But I want people to taste the Hookah. If I’m right then we will add to the flavoring and class of your hookah bar. 

We look forward to the challenges of proving ourselves to the skeptical hookah forums and hookah bars. It is my hope that we can look back and proudly see that we made your hookah and smoking hookah better.

hookah lunch

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Sometimes its nice to go to a Hookah bar for lunch. Alot of Arabic restaurants actually serve hookahs with your lunch. Call first and find out which hookah bars in your area are open during the day.

For me I enjoy this hookah bar in anaheim hills where you can look at the mountains through the large window at the front of the store. Today its a little busy for day time hookah, but the vibe is perfect with softer lounge music after a movie.  Alot of students come here to smoke a hookah in-between finals.