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Starbuzz Blue-mist. Smooth; sexy: just like Ed Hardy Hookah.

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Ed Hardy Hookahs are good for any of the Hookah brands.

But over the last week I’ve been thinking about what Tobacco flavor is a sexy enough and smooth enough Hookah flavor that fits the Ed Hardy Hookah’s image.

What should I tell you is a flavor that you should order to go with the Ed Hardy Hookah? What Hookah flavor can add that special enhancement to your customers and make everything more special when you first start giving you Hookah friends the Ed Hardy Hookah.

smooth, sexy, shaped to perfection

StarBuzz’s Blue Mist is a flavor that I think fits the vibe of the nightclub and the super chill smoking image of Ed Hardy Hookah. StarBuzz Blue Mist is  just that deep, bite your lip and place your head back and breath out the smoke refreshing taste. StarBuzz Blue Mist is super cool with the right type of sarcastic bite.

So this morning we talked with StarBuzz Tobacco and ordered some Blue Mist StarBuzz Tobacco and as a gesture of goodwill we wanted to tell you about it.

Starbuzz Blue mist, for those who still don’t know was a Hookah flavor that revolutionized Hookah smoke. Hookah flavors had gotten stuck in only fruit names, easy to identify. Blue Mist became an instant classic at the Local Hookah bars in So Cal. And is now a staple of the Hookah smoke.

Blue Mist Hookah Tobacco Is something that I think will add to your friends and Patrons smoking out of your Ed Hardy Hookah.

Ed hardy Hookah site being revamped call to order your hookahs

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We should have told you in advance but we’re revamping the Ed hardy Hookah Website. We took the whole thing off line to fix it. To order your hookahs Just call 1 310 503 1205 and treat this Blog as the website for the time being. We also have our face book and myspace groups up.

Ed hardy Hookah believes in communication and connecting with our friends who smoke with us. We know that Hookah companies today expect customers to line up and appreciate us. But at Ed hardy hookah we aim to create a partnership of one tribe partaking in the sacred smoke. Together. equal.

Ed Hardy Hookah is.

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Ed Hardy hookah is not a brand name.

Ed Hardy hookah is supported by the highest quality of care and customer respect.

Ed Hardy hookah is simple turned sparkling.

Ed Hardy Hookah is sophisticated class.

Ed Hardy Hookah is classy rebellion. Working man ethics dressed in the Ritz.

Ed hardy Hookah is great tasting tobacco.

Provide the best hookahs in your hookah bar and then become the only hookah lounge in town

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An Ed Hardy Hookah is made to make your hookah lounge the sleek and sexy Hookah lounge to smoke at.

An Ed hardy hookah is Crafted to inspire  respect and care.

     An Ed hardy Hookah is an individual’s Hookah.

Ed Hardy Hookah’s are made different for the sophisticated hookah smoker.

If you want to give your customers the pristine experience then Ed Hardy Hookah is a Hookah you want your customers smoking out of. You customers will  be rewarded with a better Hookah experience and you will be rewarded with the one who provided that experience.  

Provide the best hookahs in your hookah bar and then become the only hookah lounge in town.

  Ed Hardy Hookah’s Imagery is razor-sharp. Chiseled to be above the standards of the mediocre. Ed Hardy Hookahs are Detailed and constructed while focused on the most Minute factor. This is a Superior Hookah. Ed hardy  hookah’s are smoking art. 35 inches tall Ed hardy Hookah is smoke-filled bliss. Take your Hookah lounge to the next level. let your customers smoke the best.

Ed hardy on Myspace soon

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As much as we love Facebook. And as much as Myspace got too complicated, the computers at the office are a little better than my lap top. So we are starting to build a state of the art Ed Hardy Hookah myspace. We’ll put our best hookah songs, flavored tobacco blogs, and Hookah bar photos up daily and as always we will have special contests for Hookah products.. Look out for Ed Hardy Myspace.