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In san diego: try Hookah bar called The Living Room.

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Hookah smokers are a little too much like bears hibernating every night in their cave. 

  So when we Hookah-cubs are forced out of our normal hunting grounds; we can feel a little lost. 

   So Ed Hardy Hookah is searching for the best hookah bars. We’re gonna start where we remember going over time when we left our Home base. We’re hoping you’ll suggest a few hookah bars from around the world that we can spotlight as well. 

    The first Hookah bar I would suggest to you if you were in San Diego, CA  is the Living room

Living room coffe, food and Hookah: bringing everyone together.


According to the Living room website “Since…1991, The Living Room has grown from its original location in the San Diego State University area, to a total of 6 Cafe’s: La Jolla, Point Loma, Historic Old Town San Diego, Southwestern College National City and Southwestern College Otay Mesa. The newest addition (was at)UCSD – Price Center (in) 2008.” 

     The Living room is a spectacular Hookah bar and coffee shop with a style that is unmatched by any hookah bar in San Diego. Sophisticated with a touch of hometown crass. A nice cross between hookah club and Coffee shop with its own set of regulars mixed with a constant newbie feel to it. 

   What makes The Living Room so special is that it is more than a place that serves shisha. It is a two-story coffee shop and restaurant in the heart of Down town La Jolla with a second story bar and hookah bar. 

    It is wonderful looking down at down town as the clubs get out and watching the people walk around and enjoying the Diego air. 

   It’s expensive. Around 20 dollars for a Hookah. But if it isnt gonna stress you out to spend that much I would suggest going down to San Diego and enjoying the vibes and the view and the great atmosphere. Another advantage of The living room is the wide variety of food.


Ed Hardy Hookah Top Friends: Hidden Hookah cafe.

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      Hidden Hookah Cafe is a hookah Bar that sets Shisha and hookah standards in Southern California.   

UFC with the Hidden Hookah fam.

     This hookah bar is like the older brother of all the So Cal Hookah bars.  Hidden Hookah Cafe is a Hookah bar respected among the Hookah Lore of Southern California.  

Hidden Hookah art

  Where Hidden cafe succeeds and many Hookah bars begin to loose touch with their customers, is how hidden keeps a balance between fun and respect for hookah culture and a healthy respect for the Hidden customers.  

   Hidden Hookah Cafe  is a place you can trust no matter what kind of hookah smoker you are. Hidden always respects the customer and  Hidden Hookah Cafe always respects the different personalities that smoke Hookah at their hookah bar. And the customers pick up on this respect; this class; and on the customers freedom to be themselves. Creating what I would call the most modern-traditional hookah bar in Southern California.  

    When a royal family asked me where they should go for hookah, the only hookah bar I would fully endorse was Hidden Hookah cafe in Anaheim.  

Hookah cool.

   The royal family was not really treated different from other customers when we went there. They were treated as normal customers. And the service was still good enough that this royal family goes there every vacation.  

Hookah bars often will find short-term success with a night club vibe that erases the traditional respect for the friendships that are the back bone to Hookah culture. Other Hookah bars will treat everyone as if the customer should be happy that the hookah bar lets them in.  Hidden Hookah Cafe treats you as a friend, and as a customer they never take for granted.

florida hookah bar gets Hookah and liquor license

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The FLorida state government, that morning, decided to deny the Hookah palace A liquor and hookah bar license. But later that night, according to news reports coming out of Florida, the city reversed itself on the Kentucky Ave hookah bar. Now The hookah palace will be opening up in one Month.

  The plan seems to create party atmosphere,. Belly dancers, Hookah, and alcohol will all be represented.

   Ed Hardy Hookah would like to extend our sincerest congratulations and best wishes for your success Hookah palace at at 122 S. Kentucky Ave.

     If anyone  is reading this over by Kentucky Blvd, go visit Hookah Palaces owner, Soloman Wassef and tell him Ed Hardy has the best hookah Tobacco and the sexiest hookahs ready for him. If we can be of any assistance Mr. Wassef please don’t be a stranger.

again good luck,

Ed Hardy Hookah.

Ed Hardy You Only Live Once. Pink Hookah.

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Ed Hardy Hookah has Chiseled out and christened the most elegant and beautiful Hookah’s. First among the list of the perfect gifts for the Hookah bar smoker,  is the classy Pink Hookah. The pink Hookah is the Sexy and yet classy Hookah amongst the worn out and dirty hookahs made to simply be made cheaply and sold high.

Ed Hardy’s Pink Hookah pipe is perfectly adorned with Ed hardy Art including the “you only live once,”  mural. This Ed hardy Hookah is the best representative of the perfect hookah.

The ed hardy Pink Hookah is a pristine hookah. Custom made with Ed hardy’s art and style available on each different Hookah pipe vase. Different art accompanies each of the different colors in order to  fit every type of Hookah Smoker…the Pink Hookah is the princes and queen of the Hookah’s. Don’t spend less and get  a simply cheap lightly painted pink painted water pipe. Mistake. Show you care. Smoke the best.

let the ash snow fall on your Pink and sexily sleek Ed hardy Ash Balcolny

Ash Balcony for the Ed Hardy Pink Hookah