Escondido says no to Hookah bars.

Cities resentment to Hookah bars is a joke and offensive. I do not blame cities for wanting certain types of environment.  But the prejudices towards young people, Middle Easterners and the culture of gathering is lame.

Hookah bars can be regulated so that they are classy and yet fun places to go. It is just awkward that bars and dance clubs are Ok. But sitting and talking at a hookah bar is not.

According to the associated press the escondido city council decided that, hookah lounges would not attract the appropriate crowd to downtown, might jeopardize the health of teens and could burden the Police Department.”

Hookah bars are one of the most cross cultural and mellow places you can go. Yes there are definitely some who make the Hookah experience less classy. But hookah bars can be controlled through regulation and community connections. To say no to Hookah bars in totality is foolish.

Kids have real problems which endanger their lives and development. Alcohol abuse, social isolation and Aids are problems that can hurt kids. Hookah bars…not so much.

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