Ed hardy Hookah to enhance your hookah smoking.

When we looked at the Ed Hardy Hookah’s right after they were crafted, we felt we passed the phase of simply being a company with Ed Hardy Hookah art, and signatures;  to being a company that had become a legitimate competitor based on our craftsmanship.

Despite what many have said on the internet we care a lot about how the hookah “smokes.”  We care a lot about competing with the current big dogs of Argileh smoking. We do not feel that we would have any honor if we sold you a product that was cheaply made and ruined our company as soon as someone smoked out it.  We want to respect the long tradition of hookah with brining a beautiful looking and beautiful hitting Nargileh to the market.


4 Responses to “Ed hardy Hookah to enhance your hookah smoking.”

  1. I would just like to comment on this site as well as the hookah itself. I recently just purchased an Ed Hardy Hookah and it was well worth what I paid for it. Also the flavors are one of the best out there. The flavor lasts a lot longer then other brands. I think the people that developed this actually put a lot of thought into it before selling it to consumers. They paid a lot of attention to detail and when I had an issue with just the glass plate, I emailed them and they responded quickly and actually provided the best customer service. I would recommend an Ed Hardy hookah to many people. My family owns about 3 hookah lounges in California and we carry their Ed Hardy hookahs there because its one of the best out there.

  2. i like the hookah but for some reason it always gets harsh and wen smoke out of my old hookah never get harsh any way i can figure out why my ed hardy hookah always gets harsh even when i just start smoking it not leaving the shisa sitting for awhile

  3. ERICK LUIGI Says:

    Good Morning everybody. I bought an hookah in http://www.edhardyhookah.com but I’m not getting feedback about my request. I sent some messages but nobody answered me. Some one can help me?
    I’m waiting.

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