A reply to Some Hookah forums

I don’t know how to fit in at the Hookah forums. I’ve been kicked out many times for the Ed Hardy Hookah Blog. It seems that so many people have hidden agendas that when you are honest and say that you write for the Blog they assume you’re an agent and not a lover of hookah culture. And then you look at every forum after that as agents who will call you an agent. And then you don’t know why people hate A hookah that you like so much.

I write the blog to be honest, to share what I see as American hookah culture, and to hopefully create the best blog online for Hookah news. More than just products. The American and maybe world Hookah story should be covered with an eye on more than just selling products. Of course we want to sell our products but we want to be part of the Hookah culture as a whole as well. Not one-dimensional.

I can handle criticisms. but what has been so frustrating is that most critics say things like “just look at it.” Or I hope he sells it quick so that I don’t have to see it.” How can you hate something you have never seen and how can I really believe you if you wont go see it?

I try to explain at the blog that what you’re hating on is actually what you’re supporting. You see Ed hardy , the name as a big company instead of as the new start-up. So you say you’re defending Hookah culture but what really is being supported is a cultural rejection of Ed hardy hookah by those who already make huge money from Hookahs.

In the hookah world we at Ed hardy are the newer, small company. We have done well. But we are not an established company like the ones usually mentioned by people dismissing us out of hand. So we really do have to have a good product. Doesn’t mean its the greatest thing since sliced bread. But its a great looking Hookah, a well-built hookah. And people who have bought it have not treated it as less than a very nice smoking hookah.

5 Responses to “A reply to Some Hookah forums”

  1. You just have to think a lot of people out there despise Ed Hardy to begin with which is something you wont be able to change. Really all it is is just over-priced merchandise at mediocre quality (nothing special about it). Now youre coming into the hookah scene with over-priced products with no higher quality than the next. Why would someone pay hundreds of dollars for a run-of-the-mill hookah? Just because it says Ed Hardy on it? Thats not a good enough reason to buy it. The only people youll find buying it are people who wear Ed Hardy.

  2. Raisinets Says:

    You keep getting kicked off hookah forums because no one wants you there. Not one person on the forums, either of the ones that matter, will support your product. The admins and owners don’t want you there simply because they hate you, hate your product, and hate everything you and your product are about. Americans don’t want Ed Hardy hookahs. The only one’s who do watch Jersey Shore and are retards anyway. You have to realize that people making money off of hookahs are making money because they are what traditional, real hookah smokers want. You aren’t the new Temsaah company coming out of nowhere with extremely well built brass Egyptian Hookahs, you’re not Tangiers Tobacco making a new form of tobacco and a revolutionary new bowl, you aren’t Khalil Mamoon who has been a staple in the hookah industry for the past 6 years, you aren’t even Mya either. You are just a painted mya hookah, with a brand image that over 80% of the population dislikes, and 100% of the hookah population hates with a passion. You will get no pity from anyone in the hookah world who gives a shit about hookahs.

    • abe struss Says:

      first of all let me tell you that uou are the first hater and you only speak for your low esteemed self
      these hookahs are the best that ever comes and they are collectible and rare.
      these beautifull hookahs are not a mys or a stupid brass egyptian falling apart badly welded piece of sh…t
      these are as good as it gets,and the fact is they sold so fast that i don’t understand what are you talking about
      i have been selling hookahs since 1996 ,and i alone sold quite a lot of them and can’t even get them to sell more ,so i’am waiting on a new batch
      so why don’t you go spend your time hating your self in stead cause these babies are making a lot of $$$$

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