Ed Hardy and hookahs.

All Ed Hardy Hookah has done is add to the selection of hookah’s. We work in hookah because we love the smokey culture.

We created Ed Hardy hookah because Ed hardy is a person who represents everything America at its best is about. He is the same story every immigrant dreams of.

A hard worker who came out of the counter-culture through talent, hard work and using his intelligence to back up his individuality and rebelliousness with the bravery to follow his passions. Ed Hardy used his god- given talents to struggle a living out of the toughness of life.  Ed Hardy made it to college, gave it up to follow his passions and then made it in tattoos when tattoos were not accepted.

Ed Hardy was bloody good at tattoos. And he worked his way out of the struggle, sold his art and now finally does his own work, finally can devote his life to what he loves; His own paintings.

I read on a  hookah forum that “just based on the principal of what Ed Hardy stands for in the shisha world upsets me.” This same person turned down our tobacco for no reason. The price was good. And had he smoked the Ed Hardy Tobacco it would have been great. It was just this  invisible Ed Hardy meaning he claims to represent.

What does Ed Hardy Hookah stand for? allow me again  to point you to the life of Ed Hardy for what Ed hardy Hookah stands for. Stand for what you want. We Already know who Ed Hardy Hookah is.

Ed Hardy Hookah  stands for Individuality.

Ed Hardy Hookah stand for small companies working hard against the status que to create something new and better.

sf gate

Ed Hardy Hookah stand for having nothing but the quality of our work speak for us.

Ed Hardy Hookah stand for the working class.

We do not stand for the billion dollar brand of Ed Hardy Shirts. We stand for the meaning of the tats on those shirts. Ed Hardy Hookah stands for the story that created those tats.

11 Responses to “Ed Hardy and hookahs.”

  1. A well written and inspiring piece here, really. As a long standing hookah reviewer I can appreciate the ideals that you are standing behind.

    However, I think there are a few misconceptions you have about the industry that could contribute to the problems described.

    For starters, tagging this article with “420” up front is going to cause some issues. Certainly I’m not saying what a person should or should not do in his or her own personal life, and I’ll even go so far as to suggest that I don’t oppose the decriminalization of said substance. But to automatically link this article, which is supposed to be about hookah and its culture, with a clear reference to something that most of the community fights AGAINST being tied into. For too long we hookah enthusiasts have been hounded by the larger world with closed minds and labeled as drug users, when most are simply interested in smoking shisha as a means of relaxation. It’s not that our hobby is illegal, but it is PERCEIVED as illegal, and that is why there are such strong reactions to it.

    For another, you mention that you re not standing for the “billion dollar brand” of Ed Hardy. And yet, your involvement in the community seems as that of an outsider; a large corporation with a brand name invading a smaller subculture with products.

    Furthermore, I feel that your participation in the major online forums (HookahForum, HookahDomain, and HookahPro respectively) is sporadic at best. To use another company as an example, Sahara Smoke’s owner Jonathan is a regular participant with everyone, in chats or private messages. Everyone knows his name and reputation, and a such trust his products more because they know there is a face to the name. By comparison, I can’t name any of the top echelon of employees in your hookah company.

    Like I said at the beginning, I appreciate what you were trying to say here. And I’m sorry you haven’t received the welcome you anticipated. But I hope my response here can assist you in changing your existing business model to become more a part of it rather than regarded as “the wal-mart of hookah production”.

    – Jeff “Silencer”

    P.S If you’d like to contact me for any additional information, please see my listed youtube channel. it contains all of my reviews as well as my contact information. Thanks.

  2. […] In the hookah world we at Ed hardy are the newer, small company. We have done well. But we are not an established company like the ones usually mentioned by people dismissing us out of hand. So we really do have to have a good product. Doesn’t mean its the greatest thing since sliced bread. But its a great looking Hookah, a well built hookah. And people who have bought it have not treated it as less then a very nice smoking hookah. https://edhardysmoking.wordpress.com/…y-and-hookahs/ […]

    • I’m sorry if i came across as hostile in my previous comment. My intent wasn’t to suggest that the forums are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Make no mistake, their owners are trying to make money as well, which probably explains why many of your posts regarding your own blog got deleted. I’m not saying I agree with it, but even for vendors there is a “pay to play” mentality.

      Also, I wasn’t trying to suggest there was anything with your products. Having never smoked one (or seen one in person I might add) I can’t say of what quality they are. I do think it is unfair to critique a product with no experience as many have in your instance. But, as I did imply in the first comment, I think the name of Ed Hardy looms much higher than knowledge of the product.

      The only other option I’d see is to reverse this trend. Host a few contests, get some banners out there and yes, if absolutely necessary, pay to advertise with the larger sites.

      In my experiences in the community, the bigger of a splash you make with the community, the ultimately more successful you will be in the hookah world.

      – Silencer

      • abrahimappel Says:

        No Not at all. I appreciate the comments, the advice and agree with you. But i wanted to say that we have tried. But we do not want to be part pay to play. We want to be honest and work hard. I think the real divide that has caused me frustration is that our sales are fine. Whole clubs in vegas will have ed hardy Hookah. Whole Hookah bars are changing to ed hardy Hookahs.

        But then you go on these forums and you see the leaders of the forum saying how crappy it is. And you know that as a hookah your customers are not saying the same thing. Our customers include Hookah bar owners. And you wonder, why is this oppinion that goes from each of the forums, down to its members so severe? And its so severe that no matter what there will be something. For instance this 420 thing. Out of 87 posts on the website less than i believe 10 have 420 in it. No articles support it. But as a search engine we have to put it if we want to reach people who may like this water pipe. But then because of that one post, we became the problum. Not because we are. But because it was a way to put us down on something, anything other than substance. And i’m saying we are people of substance and its wierd to get shot down by criticisms that do not seem so honest.

  3. Isn’t tying posts (over 10%) to something that almost every single member of the established hookah community is against being tied to in order to get a bit more attention from a, shall we say, different market segment “pay to play”? How can you execrate vendors of established quality for being the “old money” of hookahs, while essentially selling out the community’s efforts to be perceived as legitimate to grab a few more search engine hits?

    I can also attest (especially as it is my own opinion) that many forum members are totally allowed to judge it without actually smoking it, as many of the criticisms are simply that it looks horrible. All you need for that is pictures. Also, some members have used Inhale hookahs and can therefore pass judgment, as they are exactly the same (with different art).

    Finally, I have to inform you that you are simply flat-out wrong about your status as a larger company. Perhaps EH is new to the hookah world, but it is still a huge company and every Ed Hardy product both is associated with and is representative of the Ed Hardy brand as a whole… a brand many of our community’s members have no interest in being associated with, any more than they’d like to be associated with “420.” This is also a legitimate complaint. As biased as it may be, that’s an inherent hazard when branding something – some people simply may not like your brand.

    • abrahimappel Says:

      did you mean smaller company?

      • It could have gone either way; what I meant was that you are incorrect about not being a large company. Smaller would have been clearer, I apologize.

        Again, I really didn’t want to be harsh, but I was perturbed by post after post complaining that Ed Hardy hookahs/moassel are being treated unfairly-which is sometimes true, admittedly-while ignoring all the legitimate complaints. Hookahpro has an extremely strict anti-NHT (non-hookah tobacco) policy and all of the core members work very hard to change the public’s perception of the art of hookah smoking, so when a big-name company with a lot of advertising money to work with blatantly reaches out to those who might be interested in pursuing illegal uses of the shisha, that company will have to work very, very hard to make up for that breach and not appear to be a fad.

      • abrahimappel Says:

        I will write something about this 420 aspect. These are tags. Not endorsements. In the tags for the blog we are placing whatever people may put in who may enjoy the writing, the product and so of the blog. If I love or hate President Obama means nothing when I write a piece about President Obama, or health care, or presidential history. I may put Barrack Obama in the tag. Same with 420. Now here in california medical marijuana is legal. As long as the federal government is not charged to enforce. So again a person with cancer may be told by a doctor to read up on smoking devices. Or a writer looking for a new pipe to review may put in 420 and we might now come up. I actually see the 420 as another reason why i know for small segments we’re just not getting a fair shot. WE’re selling crazy good. But sadly their is a culture of rejection in many Hookah forums. And these Hookah forums can say what they want about hating a product. But the makers of that product treated you fairly and placed your most sensitive criticisms on their page. But on your pages we’re kicked out simply for being honest and saying I would like you to read this blog, or I would like to defend Ed hardy Hookah. Reason? pay to play. And that is not the same as me deeply loving and trying to make this blog a cultural connection for hookah smokers and linking it to a forum. Thats what forums are for. And not its not SEO, its trying to connect with people. Thats all i will ever be trying to do.

      • But it doesn’t matter if it’s not intended to be an endorsement, it’s still a link that none of us appreciate. Outsiders WILL view that tag as an endorsement, which is why we work so hard to eliminate all reference (it’s a bannable offense just to link to a site that sells NHT devices in addition to hookahs). It’s understandable that you want to increase your searching presence, but please, refrain from the linkage of that community with the hookah community in the future.

        I’m sorry to hear about your experiences elsewhere, but AFAIK hookahpro has not banned you or shunned you. Keep participating and I guarantee you’ll be welcomed, though some flack for appearing to be a shill may be unavoidable due to a high volume of early posts just promoting Ed Hardy… hang in there, participate in non-EH things as well, and you’ll find it’s a very warm community.

      • abrahimappel Says:

        Yes I have to give you guys credit. I tried to post about non products so that it did not seem that i wanted to sell the products only. And with many of the responses about Ed hardy i was simply trying to set the record straight. Ed hardy Smoking is trying to become part of the conversation by finding the hookah stories and sharing them. Notice I never sent anyone to the website of Ed Hardy. Instead I hope the blog can become a place people go to see Hookah news and culture stories. And yes then maybe they will be interested later in Hookah products
        We only sell hookahs. We are in no way supporting weed smoking. And maybe that was a rookie mistake in trying to grab tags. But I am not sure.
        I will respect all your rules and never speak of a story that even has a 420 tag. We may disagree. But I do not believe in disrespecting your beliefs or your forums culture.
        The blog is not just about the products. I know they’re expensive and respect that to some it seems like we’re just some big company trying to make a quick buck. When I started working here I worried myself. But then a friend who owns a local hookah bar bought an Ed Hardy Hookah. And she really loved it. And so i felt, ok, its a legit hookah that people with high standards like. I still check in with her and make sure time hasn’t changed her mind. We’ll see.

  4. I would also like to note that one of the things that bothers me most is the frequently poor quality of the writing at this blog. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it would not be hard to have someone look over your posts and correct them before posing (especially if you are trying to prove your product to be something “mature”). The use of apostrophes is particularly atrocious (“its” is possessive, “it’s” is a contraction of “it is”).

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