True Hookah King looks over first Ed Hardy Hookahs

True hookah King has started to win a lot of respect from Ed Hardy Hookah for how he seems to want to tell his actual opinion in his hookah reviews; something that has caught him some heat from a lot of hookah bars and Hookah companies.

Being a hookah reviewer is tough. The Hookah business is filled with so many fake opinions and political back scratchings that I don’t know how someone stays honest these days. Now I’m sure Ed Hardy Hookah will not always make the True Hookah King happy. We would like it if when we did make the True hookah king happy, we knew it was because we had made a great shisha, or another great hookah. The last thing we want is to be thought of as a company that gets dishonest hookah reviews.

We are putting Hookah Kings review up, not because we’ve talked to him and worked out a deal. But because we like how he honestly speaks his mind. This time he seems to like how our hookahs look. Ed hardy hookah wants to support the honest hookah culture.

We also want to encourage the True Hookah King to stay honest. Don’t make deals with Hookah companies and don’t let Hookah companies expect anything from you. Just speak your review honestly. maybe the real market is in being completely honest in Hookah while so many are being fake.

And we also put up the review cause of what sounds like porn in the back.


3 Responses to “True Hookah King looks over first Ed Hardy Hookahs”

  1. Hi this is the True Hookah King. I was amazed when I saw myself mentioned. 2 days before this was posted I found out that the Ed Hardy Hookah was not $600. I was misinformed from a vendor. It is clear he doesn’t care for Ed Hardy. After coming to realize this, I have decided to get one, and smoke the EH shisha from the EH hookah, using the EH charcoal. I will give my honest opinion as always. I do not hate Ed Hardy at all, in fact I bought his shirt 2 days ago when I was in Anaheim, I look good in it, if I do say so myself. I will be posting a video to clear up this whole misunderstanding, and I will leave another reply with the link. ThXs for showing my video, and I hope to hear back from you soon.
    Sincerely, True Hookah King

  2. Nice article, Hookah smoking is such a relaxing and soothing experience that it will make you forget your problems for a while and take you on a journey to the seventh heaven. Thus, Hookah is not just considered to be a status symbol, but more often viewed as means that lead to the complete relaxation of mind and body.

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