And this guy says ED hardy is 600 dollars?

Before working at Ed Hardy Hookah I had no idea just how scandalous people were when new hookah products came out.

Ed Hardy Hookahs are expensive. But someone put under a Hookah review that Ed Hardy Hookah’s were 600 dollars. Right now the limited edition Ed Hardy Hookahs are 267 dollars.  Ed Hardy hookahs are Top of the notch hookahs with full customer satisfaction ratings. I don’t’ mind someone feeling that 267 dollars is expensive But why lie and say Ed Hardy is 600?

We know that we made top quality Hookahs decorated with Ed hardy’s own art. We’re not selling cheap hookahs here. We are selling the best Hookahs.

Ed hardy Hookah cannot do anything about those who hate Ed Hardy Hookah so much that they lie about us to not lose customers. Ed hardy hookah can tell you to remember who told you lies about Ed hardy Hookah. Remember them as people you can not get truthful Hookah information from. Because if you ever see an Ed hardy hookah, smoke out of an Ed hardy Hookah you will know that someone lied to you when they spoke bad.


2 Responses to “And this guy says ED hardy is 600 dollars?”

  1. Khalil mamoon (trusted, superb hookah pipes) > ed hardy hookah.
    I bought this ed hardy because it looked cool, but I spent 1/3 the price on my KM which smokes much better.
    Not lies, truth.

  2. maybe if ed hardy didnt make shitty hookahs you wouldnt have a problem selling them. i have a km, well worth the money now some ed hardy poser chinese knockoff shit not worth it

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