Alicia keys performance was smoking.

     On saturday night I was smoking as Charles Barkley hosted saturday Night live. Alicia keys was the musical act. Alicia keys’ performance was one of the great performances I have ever seen. As I inhaled My spearmint and raspberry mixed hookah shisha  I felt inspired and moved by her performance.

    She did two songs. A solo version of Empire state of Mind that is on the radio too much with JAy Z. But her version is spectacular as she and her piano bring out the truest qualities of music.

But I was truly enthralled after I ordered my refill of the spearmint and white peach tobacco and Alicia Keys came back to perform “Try sleeping with a broken heart.”

   There is something about her voice that wraps hope and reality in one. It was beautiful to sit there, blow out the Hookah smoke and listen to a true talent entertain and Move the soul.

Alicia keys voice was rich with emotion and her style enthralling.  She is by far one of the great American performers we have ever had the privilege of watching.

Before we move on, in “Trying to sleep with a broken heart” don’t miss the symbolism of using the love we don’t receive to remind us to love others in pain. Instead of holding onto a broken dream hold onto love.

go listen to NY song here.

try sleeping with a broken heart


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