Ed Hardy Goes shisha.

When Ed Hardy hookah were first launched there was a negative reaction from already present hookah companies. Hookah-shisha-Blog-forums had a lot of people who either wanted Ed Hardy Hookah to fail for personal reasons, or honestly were decieved by rumors and figured there was no way we could make a good hookah. 

   Rob 416 on a Hookah forum said “wow kinda pathetic. Kinda makes me sick.” 


     Maybe he owns a hookah company and is thretened.  Maybe this is an honest opinion. But it does not seem like an educated one. Maybe for a reason he actually got sick thinking of Ed Hardy Hookah, But with Ed Hardy Hookah having this beauty and style and being such high quality, it surprised us to read this. 

Ed hardy Hookah case, water-pipe and hookah base.

    Ebay girl at another Hookah forum said “Ha! I love it! let’s ruin the classic hookah with designer emblems. What is this world coming too? I still think the Ed Hardy’s are cool looking, I just wonder if they work?” The classic Hookah was of coarse a coconut shell, and then it was only for royalty in other completely different hookahs and their were no hookah barsback in the day.  Hookahs have gone through many evolutions. Funny, but Ed Hardy Hookah design actually returns to the more traditional style of self beauty and great hookah smoking. 

Ed Hardy Hookahs smoke very well.. And it is not ruining, but respecting hookah culture to have a culture present its own hookahs. 


  Slowly the Hookah and Shisha sales started,  And it was official as we got the Hookah reviews in that people were impressed with Ed Hardy’s Hookah art, but more importantly, the style of smoke that comes from the Ed Hardy Hookah. It is a Hookah that is pleasant for the eye, and enhances your hookah smoking experience. And that is the most traditional of Hookah desires.


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