Dr Hookah.

Some would call Dr hookah “not the most competent dR.” 

Dr Hookah


   Some say his methods are a little sketchy. But with everyone sick we thought we’d pass on what Dr Hookah the aged and generational lasting doctor has to say about getting better. 

    First: if you got a cough smoke mint Hookah. The more raw and unadulterated the mint the more its gonna clear you up. No, you may not mix it with White peach. Just take the mint. maybe raspberry can be mixed with it. 

 Two: Hookah does not cure everything. If you have hit a place where smoking does not actually cure you. Most commonly headaches and ache feeling is not for hookah. For this You have to go to the nuclear option. Two top fulls of Theraflu and a Double -Double form IN-N-OUT Burger with a small dr pepper. 

Oh, ok, ya; don’t try it. But don’t complain when you feel lousy and In-N-Out-Burger and the hookah bar are closed and you want to feel better. =)


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