Top friend Hookah Joe

Hookah Joe: a gentleman and a Shisha Scholar--

    As we started Ed hardy Hookah, Hookah Joe was a refreshing meeting in the middle of a brand new business adventure.

Hookah Joe: Less business more friendship.

  What makes Joe special is how he embodies the original culture of Hookah. Helpful, professional and fiercely innovative, without missing the bonding friendships that hookah was, and at its best still is.

Hookah Joe: an eye for detail and crisp presentation

In today’s hookah world people sacrifice the human connections that Hookah bars are supposed to represent ; for the profit of cheap shisha sold high and a type of disregard of those who smoke “at” your bar; instead of smoke with you at “the” Hookah bar.

One of the family at his own bar.

    Hookah is supposed to be about community, bonding, as well as an equal trade and profit for customer and owner. Hookah Joe embodies all the things you look for as a customer of Hookah.

  Hookah Joe got his start by building a Private club of smokers In Asheville NC. Due to liquor laws, he couldn’t just let anyone in, but instead had to sign up Private members. But over time, due to the atmosphere and quality, Joe says not only was Hookah Joes in North Carolina succesful (over 5000 members) but was also like a family.

In his time Hookah Joe says he probably has made 17,000 Hookah’s and developed some of the best tasting original blends.

   North Carolina’s Hookah Joes was special. “We put couches all over the Hookah bar and started calling it Joes Living room cause it was like friends smoking at the house,” said Joe through email.

Hookah Joe plans on adding the family atmosphere to Vegas hookahs super party's

    “Yes it was hard leaving so many friends behind…in North Carolina.” but  Hookah Joe seems like he is at home in the Vegas scene at Vegas Hookah. And can finally let his talents of throwing the best parties with a true genuine respect for how Hookahs should taste, combine.

Hookah Joe seems like the right person to make a real splash in the Vegas hookah culture.  Look up Vegas Hookah and get in touch with him and find out if your lucky enough to have him bring your hookahs next time your in Vegas.


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  1. Hookah Joe……hope I’m lucky enough……lol

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