Ed Hardy Hookahs: Hookah perfected.


    As we smoke TangerineMint we talk over how hookahs have been stuck too long in this ancient tradition of Hookah. We make our hookahs to look ancient instead of cool.  

ed hardy tangerine

  The truth is hookah’s have become addicted to tradition. Where is the art and look of the hookah smokers today? Where is the design that makes your hookah special? The only place you will find a non-generic artistic and special hookah is Ed Hardy Hookah.   

ed hardy white hookah

    Non Ed Hardy Hookah’s are stuck in the ordinary, simple, easy to predict past. Hookahs have become too committed to Hookahs looking ancient rather than looking great. This is holding back American hookah culture from possessing its own Hookah Identity.   

Black Ed hardy Hookah

   Ed Hardy Hookah is the first hookah company to advance the American identity of East meeting West hookah. Ed hardy hookahs are the only designers coming at this  from the modern point of view and giving the customer a hookah that shines like it should.  

Pink Ed Hardy Hookah

  Ed Hardy Hookah is the first to Impress beauty and art  on its Hookahs.  

Blue Ed Hardy Hookah

 Ed Hardy Hookah has our own American experience and it is time For hookah designers to follow Ed Hardy Hookahs lead, and start creating lasting art and symbolism that experiences the Hookah customers of today.


5 Responses to “Ed Hardy Hookahs: Hookah perfected.”

  1. Me personally, I prefer the traditional Egyptian styles of hookahs. Most of the modern ones just look funny and are usually made with cheap materials like plastic. I’ll take the more elegant look of a traditional hookah any day.

    After looking at yours they have a more traditional look than anything…just with more graphics on it. Not sure how much of an “advancement” they are, but still pretty cool looking none the less.

    • abrahimappel Says:

      You make a really good point. Today hookahs have gotten cheap in apperance. The traditional design has served Ed hardy hookah very well because it creates great think smoke. But what Im trying to say is that we need to not be addicted to desinging our hookahs as if they are ancient egyption, especially when many customers are European american and are forming their own culture and think other looks are cool.

  2. they are very beautiful i see them everyday at my work i love the black one and it will soon be mine lol

    • abrahimappel Says:

      we’re all rooting for you to get one. We are very excited with how many customers are completly happy with it.

  3. Where can you purchase an Ed Hardy hookah?

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