Remebering the old year. Looking to the new.

As I was smoking my grape Hookah last night I was thinking about the past year.

So now that the year is past, the good days and the bad, was their anything that should be handled different this year. 

   The coals burned bright as I took another hit of the Grape hookah and I thought to myself about the year.

My year started with an incredible heartbreak. But this difficulty looks so much easier to handle now that I look back at it. If I could take a lesson into the new year, it would be to see things with more distance. More perspective. To let go and let life carry me. Why not smile instead of worry, relax and know that my universe is unwrapping itself perfectly.

This upcoming year I want to appreciate my friends better. I want to not force them or feel pressure to be liked but to like them instead of needing to be liked. I want the changing of friendships and the freedom to move on to be part of how I see the world, How I live my life,  to bring that freedom to those I love.

I picked up my tonges and took off the coals. I also want to follow my God the best I can without worrying what tradition says but also without disrespecting those who love tradition.

 I want to dance more and live with less fear.

The Hookah bar owner has this tradition where he asks your forgiveness if there was anything he has done this year. That reminds me to think more like that too. And it reminds me to ask myself the same as i wrap the hose around the Hookah pipe and leave.

2010 will be whatever 2010 will be. Lets enjoy it.


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