Paranormal activity and Hookah

I hate scary films. So when the guys at the hookah bar put in paranormal activity I was cussing, thought about leaving. I admit it; I’m a militant against scary films. I’ve always hated scary films. It’s almost a religious thing with me. If you watch things that are meant to scare you, you’re then watching things that make you see life from a  fearful point of view.

    But I sat there and Smoked my apple and Mint Hookah-shisha mix. I’m sick and so DR Hookah is said to prescribe mint when your sick, so I ordered it. Works every time for soothing the throat and lungs but does not make sense to smoke too much hookah when your sick because it dehydrates you.

    Anyways this is the point of the movie. negativity invites the demons that haunt you to take a greater hold. If you allow fighting and fear to take hold of your thinking, it will kill who you are, until you become the monster and destroyer in other peoples lives.


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