Hookah bars pick your personality and then stick with it.

relaxing hookah

     Hookah bars find their way, many times not on purpose, into their personality. I would argue that a hookah bars personality is a reflection of their owners personality. Once the Hookah bar has become one thing, it can be death to a business to try to make your Hookah bar something else.

     The Hookah bar owners personality, not plans, is the deciding factor to what a hookah bar will become. Hookah bar owners are like gravity for what is gonna come walking through the Hookah cafe doors.

   Now; location, surrounding buisness’ and so forth will be factors into individual moments or certain customer personalities. But all-in-all the owners will steer their customers a certain way. Certain customers will feel comfortable and others will not.

Vegas Hookah good hookahs more exciting

   One Hookah bar was started by a guy who had decided that everything was gonna be super classy. It was. But you could tell he was most excited when dancing happened. Eventually the hookah bar became a party spot, despite the hookah bar owners public wishes.

  I love a dance club. But when it comes to hookahs, I want a good hookah over dancing.

   To know what kind of hookah smoker you are, think about what you enjoy about Hookah bars the most.

    For me I need to have peace of mind with a touch of great music. But im actually there for the relaxing quality.

     So sometimes even though I may really like a hookah bar crowed and its party, I need it to be in a hookah crowed of depth and respect, not just partying. Others are different from me and go not to taste the Hookah but to enjoy the party.

   There are two important points. The first is that if you have a party personality, it serves you right to continue that success at your Hookah bar.

    Where a Hookah bar owner should put his efforts into is to make sure the party is safe and legal.

Likewise if you have a hookah bar where people are relaxing and you are jealous of the hookah bar down the street with the parties. Remember, that you might alienate your customers and get in a lot more trouble than you think by trying to force your hookah bar into a personality that your customers are not wanting.


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