Ed Hardy Hookahs and Shisha’s top 7 #1

Ed hardy hookah and Shisha is about a certain attitude. A realness, a type of personal growth out of the ashes of our personal destructions. As we searched for people on MySpace this weekend, we found people who represented what Ed Hardy Hookah feels it represents. So lets introduce you to them now.

1. Ed Hardy clothing.  We won’t bore you with the whole story. But Ed Hardy tattoos and then clothing and now his art,  represents many of us.

It represents the working class. The different, willing to be ourselves even if it makes us out-of-place. People with the scars of our life in our personalities, and other times placed on our skin to permanently represent where we came from and who we are. Ed Hardy Clothing represents the fashions and the good life we need to have to stay sane in this world that has us going up hill.

No matter how big Ed Hardy or Ed Hardy Hookah gets, this is the roots.


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