Ed Hardy Hookah respect: Tattoo artist Kaytlan Jenna


  There is this tatoo artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kaytlan Jenna who carries a perky type of strength and depth that we appreciated. kaytlan Jenna made us respect with her story and her incredible skill as a tatoo artist. We were honored when she singed up on our page… She is exactly what we respect about Tat Culture, and exactly what we want to be as a Hookah and Shisha company.  

Vegas tatoo artist Kaytlan Jenna

    There is a rule I have: don’t get tattoos from someone who doesn’t know what the tats mean to the person who carries them on their skin, and in their heart.  If there was anyone Ed Hardy Hookah would trust to understand what your next tatoo means, and a tatoo artist who could be trusted with your scars, it would be kaytlan Jenna.  

An artist must understand her art.

 We suggest you check her out if you’re looking to get some work done. 

Kaytlan jenna: work done

“He’s yelling about my tattoos/ but we all live with the scars we choose / They might hurt like hell but they all make us stronger.” 


I have a feeling I will get my next ink from kaytlan. We suggest you go visit her too.

Incredible Art work from Kaytlan Jenna


One Response to “Ed Hardy Hookah respect: Tattoo artist Kaytlan Jenna”

  1. For the amazing "Kat" Says:

    So proud i had the chance to get tattooed by this amazing artist and beautiful lady!! Her talent and beauty make us forget about the needles!
    Best regards and kisses!

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