Ed Hardy Hookah Myspace #2 Vegas Hookah

In Ed hardy hookahs and Shishas top 7, is Vegas


    If there is any Hookah tribe that Ed Hardy Hookah feels has the Ed Hardy Vibe; Veggas hookah is the one. Vegas hookah and Ed hardy hookah both set the night sparkling under the Hookah smoke-shine. As vegas hookah says and does: Smoke Sexy.

Vegas hookah: smoke sexy

    We used vegas hookah last week as the example to other clubs of whats possible if they connected with ED Hardy Hookah ‘N’ Shisha and Vegas hookah.

Vegas hookah’s Smoke sexy is the purple velvet of Hookah culture. And we are honored to be ironing out how we can work together. WE look forward to visiting and smoken Ed Hardy hookah pool side with vegas hookah.


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