politics of Hookah is destructive to all hookah smokers

     Hookah smokers today find themselves in a precarious position. Ed hardy Hookah wants to transcend the politics and work and sell off of our quality and ethics.

    The politics of Hookah tobacco and water pipe companies, and so-called experts relies solely on political BS between Hookah companies. Recently we were banned from a hookah forum because we wanted to talk about ED Hardy Hookah bar music. Listen I love Ed Hardy. I respect other companies like Starbuzz which is fantastic almost every time, but I like this Ed Hardy stuff.

    I remember I made fun of Ed Hardy Hookah when I first heard of it. But i was wrong about the quality and work ethic of the founders.

    Ed Hardy Hookah represents something that maybe the clothing has lost. Ed Hardy Hookah and Hookah-Tobacco represents something different. A story that makes its money off of the hard work and working mans story of Ed Hardy the person not the cultural icon of an italian designer.

 What that story represents is what makes ED Hardy Hookah special.

But there are a lot of ignorant or malicious lies out in the Hookah forums.

 One said that the Ed Hardy Hookah was made of plastic. In response i said that Ed hardy Hookahs are made of the best craftmanship and that  Ed Hardy hookah carries with it a glass Ash Balcony, that may look like plastic in the picture, but its a glass ash balcony balcony.

 But  my post correcting the mistake was never posted. And then access was denied.

 Hookah should belong to those who care about it. Not people paid to respond on these forums. Hookah should not belong to the owners of hookah bars who criticize hookah shisha without ever tasting it. I do not wish any negative competition between Ed Hardy and any other Hookah or shisha maker.

   But I want people to taste the Hookah. If I’m right then we will add to the flavoring and class of your hookah bar. 

We look forward to the challenges of proving ourselves to the skeptical hookah forums and hookah bars. It is my hope that we can look back and proudly see that we made your hookah and smoking hookah better.


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