Hookah, Shisha and dirty disco oh my!

If you want your rave or exclusive club to provide the unique and undeniable pristine experience, then You need to

Vegas hookah: Hookahs, shisha and OH MY!

bring your VIP the Ed Hardy Hookah flavored tobacco room.

dj solo rave pics on my space

At every massive rave you set up the VIP free alcohol in the Bar rooms.  At almost every major rave your VIP services are the most persuasive factor in people buying the VIP over the regular admission.  Why not have a hidden hookah bar pulsating the sexy strawberry perfumed Hookah smoke throughout your rave?

Now imagine Ed Hardy Hookah within a sultan themed makeshift Hookah bar. Imagine people wanting to smoke a Sweet melon Hookah Flavor and paying you for it. Imagine brining a city of pleasure to your Dancers. Imagine being able to set aside a level of VIP service unmatched by any of your competitors.

Ed Hardy Hookah Tobacco should be included in your next massive dance party.

Ed hardy Hookah and Tobacco is the signal to your patrons that you have thought of every classy detail to make their night complete. And with the finest Ed hardy Hookahs in a special VIP room; your party goers will know that by going to this plush, sexy Hookah smoke haven; they have been served a special treat. Your customers will know that  you thought of everything.

Get that DD to the Ed Hardy Hookah bar.

It’s not just the ravers and dancers deep in the influence of alcohol that will reward you for your creativity. Many people don’t drink. How many thousands of designated drivers did you not upgrade to the VIP because there was no reason for them to pay more.

Support these people by showing them that you respect their night to. And you can offer them more too. Get the designated driver to pay as much as the drinkers by providing them something safe to do instead of possibly drinking. Get that DD to the Ed Hardy Hookah bar.

Get your Dance party to the next level.


3 Responses to “Hookah, Shisha and dirty disco oh my!”

  1. Thanks for the GREAT Ad!

  2. […]     We used vegas hookah last week as the example to other clubs of whats possible if they connected with ED Hardy Hookah ‘N’ Shisha and Vegas hookah. […]

  3. We provide the raw material of your skin tube.and produced hookah shisha of various styles of skin tube
    if you need and to contact me please.thank you

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