Hookah products that we are proud of

There are  many reasons that I love working for Ed Hardy Hookah. I know that in the Hookah culture there is much disrespect to a name like Ed hardy. I understand that it is our job to act, speak and produce in a way that somehow gets us over the hill of false information and good critical input until we make it as a success. 

ed hardy blue hookah

    Ed hardy is from California and we spend a lot of time in Vegas.. I’m personally  from so cal. 

Again. Im proud of Ed Hardy hookah. I think our shisha is amazing, and hookahs have no plastic; that’s glass. There made strong. secure. And smoke great.
     I like house music, rap, bossa nova and capoeira. 
   I love great hookah. I appreciate disagreements. I appreciate people. There should be a phone number on the site.  We apologise it is not up there now.  There will be one shortly. If anyone wants to ask any questions my email is edhardyhookah@gmail.com 
   I am not an owner, simply someone who believes in his business. I am not an internet web page creator, so I can’t change the page. But I will give you my all to answer your questions. 

     I personally love working for a product that represents ed hardy. A man who worked his way out of the world of poverty and the underground of tattoos when they were rejected and built his life on them, became famous ,and then as he grew old, sold his name to finally do what he loved: paint. 


I think many hate because they don’t understand. I hope to help people understand why I appreciate this brand of Hookahs and tobacco. 

     I respect Hardy’s intellectual rebelliousness. I love the respect of Eastern and Western cultures he brought to the tattoos. I do not like how many who buy his clothes do not respect culture. 

 I love the Hookah bars, hookah owners, regardless if you ever carry Ed Hardy Hookah or tobacco.. Although I can tell it would do you good to smoke one because you were very wrong about the plastic. 

      I  have nothing to hide because I believe in my product.  

I embrace my companies mistakes and am proud of our work ethic. Ed hardy Hookah is to be honest about our gifts and our faults both. 

 I know that we have an uphill battle to wage because of the rumors and the pricing. I think Ed Hardy Hookah has the right product, the right mission and I know I have the right respect for the Hookah tribe.  


   I’m proud of my company that works hard and needs people to taste it, smoke out of it to get past their misconceptions. Thats all I ask. 

   I fully respect the disagreements. I belive in complete transparency.


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