To a new Hookah bar.

Hookah smokers can get too comfortable with going to the same hookah bars and smoking the same hookah-Tobacco every day.

If you go smoken Argileh (Hookah) often, it is actually a nice change to go to another Hookah lounge.

Habibi cafe by UCLA

Habibi's cafe: got Hookah

A hookah bar where you don’t know anybody and take in the first customer experience again. Sometimes it is disappointing and then other times you learn something about Hookah smoking that you just cant live without.

Last night I went to a new hookah bar. I got lucky and actually ran into some friends. But for about two hours I was just typing and reading the Hookah bars free wifi internet and watching the TV’s.

At my usual hookah cafe I can change the channels, walk around and say hi to different tables. This can hurt my understanding of the hookah bar because I have alot of controll over how my night smoking Shisha ends up.
But when you go to a brand new Hookah bar, you are forced to be carried by the flow of the hookah culture at that bar.

Sometimes going to a new Hookah bar really helps you get the opportunity to smoke Shisha with new and great people.

Last night I met a semi-pro soccer player who I have no doubt is at the cusp of making it pro. I’m really rooting for her.

support you local soccer chick

A friend entertained me with his drunk antics and Luckily did not knock over the Hookah pipe while also telling, in between hits of the Shisha, an amazingly interesting story about how he created Rose mint hookah’s.

A story that somehow started in his speech class. (funny thing….he actually invented everyone’s favorite flavor by trying to find the worst flavor. He reasoned that rose mixed with mint would be the worst. Somehow large portions of this very busy hookah bar call it favorite now.

getting too comfy at your Hookah Bar?

Without being able to control the Hookah bar TV I had to watch 2 hours of running marathons. The hookah bar was packed so The tvs in front of the NBA TV were already taken. And Monday night football didn’t even make it on the tv’s. A thing that would never happen at my other home Shisha bar.


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