Hookah schoolen. Random hookah facts

Hookah bars popularity is at an all time high in the United States. But Hookah bars started off as a cultural connection for the many new immigrants that were coming to America about a century ago.

The first hookah bar was in the immigrant quarters of new York City and Los Angeles at the same time about a century to 70 years ago.

Today most Americans experience the sleek and modernistic Night life Hookah Lounges of American hookah culture. But there is still a lot of the traditional small and plain old bright light-filled cafe smoken going on. Anyone who really wants to understand hookah culture should go to one of these Arab and plain hookah bars. But be respectful. Shisha traditionally has a spacial emphasis on respect of elders, respect of building and respect of effort by the workers. Go to have a good convo and a buzz not a party. Listen more than you speak.

Not because you have to but because it would be appreciated and in more traditional hookah bars its polite and respected if you ease your way into the social scene.


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