Hookah coals horror stories

Almost every time I have ever hookah smoked it has been amazingly safe and enjoyable.

safety is worth a few more pennies

But this one time I was driving home and thought I would visit a Hookah bar I hadn’t been to for a long time. A great family ran the place. And they had this great view of the sundown and some pretty classy hookahs.

But this turned into a wierd feeling as I smoked the Hookah.

It was hitting great. But the slight buzz turned into the most overwhelming Buzz, that turned into an incredibly light headed sick feeling. I walked through the cloud of slight fainting to get to my car. I couldn’t start. I fell asleep in the parking lot. Got back into the driving feeling even though I knew I shouldn’t  have.

When I got home I could barley walk. and slept for 14 or 15 hours. It turns out I was the second customer to have this happen to me.

Someone had been selling incredibly cheap coals. And even though the hookah bar knew better, they took it.

The point is that Hookah coals are not something you want to just instant light from some cheap person. With a name like Ed hardy I feel safer smoking. I know our work ethic. I know it’s a little more expensive but so is the best parties on new years.

Just something to think about. And I did get my next Hookah free so a near death experience turned out worth it.


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