Hookah lounge movie night

A hookah lounge needs to have verity. Even hookah lounges that find success in being a place to party, will almost always have hookah smokers who make time to create some quite moments to smoke shisha and think through the sheesha smoke.

A hookah bar can make a detrimental mistake by thinking that super loud Music to smoke your Hookah to will be a key to success. In fact, in most of the Hookah blogs this is the number one complaint about Hookah lounges next to poor smoking quality or harshness of the Hookah hits.

Tuesdays nights movie at the Hookah bar was a movie that could have, almost was a bad movie for the Argeleh smokers. But the ending makes it a good decision for a movie that will make you feel pretty good.

Sandra Bullock and Bradley cooper actually put on a good show in All About steve. It was nice to turn off the louder Hookah bar music and smoke are argilehs to a cheesy, silly and yet fun movie at the end.

Essentially the movie is a sloppy and weird movie that picks up and lights your heart about a older women who has devoted her whole life to simply working and doing what she loves (crossword puzzles) Until a date turns her passions inside out and taking her on an adventure that rearranges her passion…For better and worst. A great movie to learn from and to make fun of and to watch with friends around a hookah. Horrible movie to rent by yourself.

Keep smoking my friends.


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