Ed Hardy You Only Live Once. Pink Hookah.

Ed Hardy Hookah has Chiseled out and christened the most elegant and beautiful Hookah’s. First among the list of the perfect gifts for the Hookah bar smoker,  is the classy Pink Hookah. The pink Hookah is the Sexy and yet classy Hookah amongst the worn out and dirty hookahs made to simply be made cheaply and sold high.

Ed Hardy’s Pink Hookah pipe is perfectly adorned with Ed hardy Art including the “you only live once,”  mural. This Ed hardy Hookah is the best representative of the perfect hookah.

The ed hardy Pink Hookah is a pristine hookah. Custom made with Ed hardy’s art and style available on each different Hookah pipe vase. Different art accompanies each of the different colors in order to  fit every type of Hookah Smoker…the Pink Hookah is the princes and queen of the Hookah’s. Don’t spend less and get  a simply cheap lightly painted pink painted water pipe. Mistake. Show you care. Smoke the best.

let the ash snow fall on your Pink and sexily sleek Ed hardy Ash Balcolny

Ash Balcony for the Ed Hardy Pink Hookah


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