Escondido: suck it

The Escondido city council has decided that to place a hookah bar in escondido “would attract the wrong element to downtown escondido. ” Besides being offensive this is just a joke.

The real problem is how Hookah bars are relaxing, classy and pleasant multi-cultural and multi-belief centers of our community.

And for a city council that is so concerned for its community that it needs to ban Hookah bars, while leaving the bars and liquor stores, leaves questions of prejudice and ignorance.

Dear escondido: do you want to know what’s really dangerous?  Liquor stores: not selling shisha. Drunk driving is dangerous; not an occasional hookah smoking and conversation. Aids and HIV shoulkd be a pretty big concern.

It is just awkward to take away safe places for your youth and adults to go and connect.

escondido: suck it


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