Ed Hardy hookah bar view while smoking youtube of the night

Every-night as I smoke I listen to songs that I wish I could hear at the Hookah bar. Well; since  I work on a hookah companies blog now maybe I can finally share my favorite music to smoke to. Tonight as you smoke try these out if you wanna get away from the generic music you hear every night at the Hookah bar.

Lets start off with some Brazilian chill to unwind after work.

Lets bring in some uplifting spiritual house music. If your hookah has been hitting this is about the time your gonna feel like you just started unwinding. A perfect time to get uplifted.

This is one of my all time favorite songs. North African singer Cheb Khaled really seems to have something special for this one. I have no idea what hes talking about but i love to smoke to this song. If you go to a hookah bar ask for this one because it always sounds really good in a Hookah cafe’s public sound system.

Nike commercial showing off the brazilian teams skills.

everything that is good about life is good about brazil.

Here is house music at its best. From rhythms to video.


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