Hookah schoolen is in session. Pieces of Hookah history.

Ed hardy hookah arguably has the prettiest modern designed Hookah. But Ed Hardy Hookah wants to look back and respect the long artistic history of hookah making.  

And when it all comes down to it, we have to keep in mind that the looks are not as important as smokeability.

Ed hardy Hookah prides ourselves in how our Hookah pipes look, but special attention went into building a hookah that smoked better then the cheaper and less cared for hookahs that people usually smoke from.

In todays times the most popular hookahs seem to be the Egyptian ruler Hookahs,

and the cobra head hoses. These hookahs usually are too extravagant for my taste. I love them at first but then I want something a little more sophisticated. But thats just me. And i get as excited as anyone when i see this hose. These hoses also seem to lack in comfort. but again admittedly rock in the “wtf” department.

If you look back at the beginnings of Hookah, the first Hookahs came from Coconut shells. This is believed because if you look at many of the Arabic, persian and sanskrit names for the Hookah they seem to derive from the word coconut.

The names for Hookah most used across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia are either nargileh ar argileh which derives from the persian word for coconut.

From wikipedia

“Depending on locality, hookahs or shishas may be referred to by many names: Arabic Language use it as Shisha or Nargeela or Argeela and they use it throughout the whole of the Arab WorldTurkish people use it as Narghilè but pronounced “Argilah” is the name most commonly used inTurkeyCyprusAzerbaijan,PalestineLebanon, and SyriaNarghile derives from the Persian word nārghile, meaning coconut, which in turn is from the Sanskrit word nārikela (नारिकेला), suggesting that early hookahs were hewn from coconut shells.[9].”


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