Hookah bar ethos

There is a famous quote about Hookah smoking where a man says that

“Hookah smoke is nothing like smoking cigarets” the man continues that “cigarets are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run.” The man maybe began preparing his shisha and placing it in the tobacco bowl before saying “when you smoke hookah you have time to think. (hookah) teaches you paitience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company.”

Last night as I smoked and joked with my friends, watched some football, some basketball (go LA!) I noticed how at the hookah bar you relax and connect with others.

Sometimes the hookah bars get too loud, and sometimes the Hookah cafes create impatience with their happy hour cut offs or their overpriced product. But the Hookah, even in the busy Hookah lounge still holds that special something of appreciating and taking time to relax.

But we need to relax a little more at the hookah bars. Let your hookah sit, smoke it calmly. And enjoy the Ed hardy flavors if your lucky enough to have  a hookah bar that sells it.

I don’t always smoke Hookah. But when I do. I smoke Ed hardy. Keep smoking my friends.


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