who is Ed Hardy Hookah?

A writer once said of Ed hardy being brought with the mayor of San francisco to the art museum “If it’s not unusual, what’s the point?”

Ed Hardy Hookah is not a brand name for us; it’s a way of thinking.  Creating these products is our way of expanding the independent, American, rebel-intellectual thinking that motivated so many to connect with Mr. Hardy’s tattoos and now art.

Ed Hardy Hookah is a Southern Californian based and raised and rooted company. Every day we walk   through the beach air, the Inland dry and the Bay fog. California soul is implanted in our hearts. The beauty and the struggle will never be erased from our eyes.

Ed Hardy hookah is where East meets West. Ed Hardy always placed within his art a mixture of Eastern and Western symbols and styles. American Hookah-smoking is not a place where people change their culture. The American hookah café’s are where people of the most diverse and multi-shaded backgrounds come together and share some time; connect. It is with this in mind that we launch Ed hardy Hookah.

Ed Hardy Hookah is not going to cut corners. Our Hookah’s and our tobacco are made to be the best. We are aiming for a reputation of satisfaction that creates a new American made community of high quality hookah culture.


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